There’s a word for it…

When conversation lags with family on holiday get-togethers, it’s always good to bring out the word board games. Lately, we’ve been playing a lot of UpWords®, an old board game which is a 3D relative of Scrabble (I’m actually surprised when I run into people that don’t know what it is). Basically, after several minutes of playing, you can see towers of letters forming in areas, in contrast to flatter areas, so you can sort of get the effect of a downtown and suburbs with words.

Today’s Christmas doodle was generated during a typical recent UpWords game in our house, in which participants take great care and much time in choosing just the right word or combination of words to gain points. Many times we think up words which are perfectly good words, but they just have not yet been assigned a meaning in the English language, so unfortunately we can’t use them. This doodle is dedicated to those words which have not yet been born. Merry Christmas, y’all!

Words that don't exist, but should, in UpWords.
Words that don’t exist, but should, in UpWords.

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