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Animation, graphic design, art, songs and other creative compulsions

I am an artist, writer and graphic designer, working with global sales and marketing teams, engineers, scientists, and non-profits. In my downtime, I play with Adobe CC Character Animator. Please check out my animations at vimeo.com/wendyaldwyn.

Making stuff

I like to explore doing different things. Here are my samples of graphic design and illustration to pencil sketches from life, improvised musical ditties to elaborate doodles. A paper office witch. Cat and dinosaur animations. Snow people. I tell stories and doodle on my blog.

Playing nice with others

It’s fun to help people learn about art and give back to the community. I’ve taught Photoshop and painting at Champion Art Academy. Here’s a couple collaborative murals I’ve organized, and a papier mach√© animal fundraiser for Heifer International. I’ve also led face painting workshops for museum fundraisers, and more.

Meeting new people

Take a look around here, and if you’d like, feel free to drop me a line.
I’d love to hear from you.

I’m here on Twitter now, trying to make sense of the world like everyone else. If you follow me, I promise to provide a quiet space of humor, my most recent projects, and science, and not rant too much. Take care of yourselves.

All sketches, illustrations, songs and doodles that were not done work for hire are owned by me.
Copyright ©2020 by Wendy Aldwyn. All rights reserved.