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Content strategy, design, art, songs and other creative compulsions

I am a content strategist and graphic designer. In that role, I enjoy working with sales and marketing teams, engineers and scientists to craft clear, succinct messaging to promote their products. (I’m also pretty good handling the standard tools of Adobe Creative Cloud.) I’ve also hosted WebEx webinars, and designed and coordinated email, website, and print campaigns. My most recent job was working with the global marketing communications team for Weller, a global soldering solutions company.

I am a compulsive creator.

So I like to work, and I like to make stuff. Go ahead and explore my samples of graphic design and illustration to pencil sketches from life, improvised musical ditties to elaborate doodles. A paper office witch. Cat and dinosaur animations. Snow people. I tell stories and doodle on my blog.

I get involved.

I enjoy getting those who are not artists involved in some of my experimental art projects, like my two collaborative murals, a papier mach√© animal fundraiser for Heifer International, face painting workshops for museum fundraisers, and more.

I’d like to work with YOU.

Take a look around here, and if you’d like, feel free to drop me a line.
I’d love to hear from you.

All sketches, illustrations, songs and doodles that were not done work for hire are owned by me. Copyright ©2020 by Wendy Aldwyn. All rights reserved.