Sheep, Pig and Rabbit reunited

Sheep and Pig have finally returned home to rejoin Rabbit in an emotional reunion last weekend. The three papier maché animals, along with a life-sized llama, made Heifer International newsletter headlines when they helped raise $3,000 for that most worthy cause a few years ago. Last weekend we retrieved them from storage at my church.

Sheep and Pig join Rabbit at home!

Poor Llama had to be put down, because of two broken legs. I blame her creator (me) for this, because she did not know what she was doing when she dove into all this papier maché making. Pictures documenting the creation of these animals, plus some shots of those who collaborated with me in the making, are here.

Llama, we will miss you. We'll see you under that paper moon on the other side of the cardboard sea.
Llama, we will miss you. We’ll see you under that paper moon on the other side of the cardboard sea.

Now that my studio has definitely taken on an Orwellian character, I’m thinking about adding a couple more characters to my Animal Farm collection (now that I know better how to build a supporting frame for the papier maché). I’d like to add a chicken or two and a cow, and would really like to build a Percheron, but because of spatial limitations, might have to settle for a Shetland pony, or perhaps even a Przewalski’s horse. Then maybe we could stage a Rebellion of our own!