Neoclassical valentine

Have a wonderfully neoclassical, post-surrealist Valentine’s Day! (I’ll have a box of dark chocolates with this, please, if anyone is listening).

Neoclassical, post-surrealist doodle. Or something.
Neoclassical, post-surrealist valentine doodle. Or something like that. Pencil and gouache on paper, ©2015 Wendy Aldwyn.

A Western Doodle

Curly was the meanest, rootenest, tootenest, doodle in the West, pictured here with his trusty sidekick, Butch the Scorpion. Curly pulled off many a sting with Butch, charmed the ladies, rode many a mile together in the dusty desert. Curly never uncurled to show what he looked like on the inside. Some say he hid a sentimental inscription by his dear, departed mother. Some others say he hid a nasty scar. Whatever the reason, as rough and tough as was his reputation, he was always quick to kindly joke a child’s tears into laughter, or help a little old lady across the street.


Dedicated to my friends and family in the Southwest.