New – demos and tutorials

Just lately, I’ve ventured into making tutorials and demos. So far, I’ve made 5 of them. My personal favorite is “Create a Fairy” – a conventional tutorial devolves into a heated confrontation between creator (me) and creation (fairy). The first two videos demonstrate what you can do with digital painting in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Character Animator CC. The last 3 are strictly digital painting – all screen recordings of digital painting are sped up to hyper-warp speed.

I’m still working on some long-term animation projects, but these short projects were a welcome, temporary diversion, and I do hope some people might find them useful. I know I learned a lot from the process, for sure.

Create your own fairy, but be very careful. Keep some glitter on hand for self defense. I created a bunch of stop animation clips for use here with the “Cycle Layers” behavior.
This boy loves his goat, and so do I. Learn about how to organize your folders in Photoshop so they can be imported into Character Animator with minimal complications, learn about when to hinge and when to weld, and a different way to rig face and arms.

These 3 videos are strictly digital painting. Each one took around 4 hours to create in real time, but I greatly sped them up so that each is compressed to 4 or 5 minutes.

Hemingway is a wonderful writer, but don’t get sucked into the storm that surrounds him.

I admire Robert Downey, Jr. as an actor AND as a person who has faced great personal challenges and is still “A Work In Progress.”

Simply fan art of Dame Maggie Smith, the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey. I want to be her when I grow up.