Teeing off: jumpstart T-shirt design

I don’t fancy myself as a great designer of T-shirts, however, inevitably during the course of one’s artistic career, one is asked to design a T-shirt. (I’ve also designed and airbrushed a couple surfboards – once, just once, a long time ago. Since then I’ve learned to say “no” to projects like that, even though they DID turn out pretty cool.) So here are a couple of simple hints to help the T-shirt designer noob on her way.

Find an adorable picture (this one is of my granddaughter Charlotte “Lottie”– you can’t have her).
Make a line drawing – lines show up well on T-shirts. Embellish.
Add color. For digital printing (4-color cmyk) on white garments, something like this should work. If you are screen printing on dark colors, you’ll need to identify one or two Pantone spot colors you want to use.

If anyone wants to know the difference between CMYK and spot color printing processes, please let me know! Otherwise, check out my store for my new products featuring this illustration!

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